Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. At Beech House Dental Surgery many of our patients achieve the look they have always wanted by going for one of our popular teeth whitening solutions.

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it beautifies your smile so dramatically. We remove several years’ worth of stains and leave you with brilliant white teeth you will love. You will feel happier and more confident, look youthful and vibrant, and make an excellent first impression at job interviews, weddings and other important events.

What types of teeth whitening systems are available?

Beech House Dental Surgery has different whitening systems available to meet your personal lifestyle and goals. When you schedule a consultation we will examine your teeth, talk about your needs, and suggest appropriate whitening treatments.

Saber Tooth White

Saber Tooth White exploded onto the UK dental scene in 2011 and immediately won over dentists, nurses and patients with its lightless whitening system.

Since then there have been big changes in the tooth whitening industry and we have expanded the Saber Tooth range to suit every budget, whether you want top-tier professional treatment or even just a quick top-up of your last treatment, we’ve got something that’s perfect for you.

Why Saber Tooth

Saber Tooth White has always aimed to provide the very best products for dentists, while also making the patient experience stylish and fun.

From removing whitening lights to reduce patient sensitivity we have created a fine balance between great results and patient comfort.

Professional Whitening

While some non-peroxide whitening products (such as ours!) can have a great effect on teeth in terms of brightening, stain-removal and overall comprehensive cleaning, there is no substitute for the professional approach of your dentist.

When a dentist is backed up by a proven system like Saber Tooth White and a skilled dental lab, they will consistently produce gold standard tooth whitening.


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