Porcelain dental veneers are one of the most effective and aesthetically appealing methods of correcting stained, chipped and even misaligned teeth. They are a common component in high-profile smile makeovers but are ideal for anyone who is simply wanting a gorgeous smile.

What are dental veneers made from?

A veneer is a fine porcelain shell that has been custom-made to cover the outward side of a front tooth. Their intended purpose is to cover discoloured, damaged, or crooked teeth and give you a beautiful smile without needing braces. Whether you want to conceal a single chipped front tooth or make your entire smile beautiful and white, dental veneers are a perfect solution.

How are dental veneers applied?

Being fitted with veneers will require two visits to our office. During the first appointment, your dentist will gently remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth so that the veneers can bond more easily. Then an imprint is taken of the teeth to be treated and sent to a dental laboratory to serve as a model for your new restorations. Once they are ready, we will call you in for a fitting. If they fit properly and look attractive, your dentist will bond them gently to your teeth. There is no pain or discomfort and you will absolutely love the way they improve your smile.

How long do veneers last?

With proper care and good oral hygiene practices, dental veneers can last for several years. If they happen to be damaged due to accidental trauma, we can replace them for you.

If you have been wanting a straight and attractive yet natural-looking smile, dental veneers may be the perfect cosmetic solution for you. Call Beech House Dental Surgery today and prepare to be impressed.


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