Dental crowns are a type of restoration that protect and preserve the remainder of an affected tooth, preventing further damage and restoring its appearance and function. Available in a variety of material types, they are most frequently applied to teeth that have been weakened by decay or an overly large filling. Other uses include:

– Covering a discoloured tooth
– Protecting teeth that have recently undergone endodontic treatment
– Fixing a bridge or denture in place

How are Crowns Applied?

It takes at least two visits to be fitted with a dental crown. During the first appointment, we will shape your tooth to prepare it for the new restoration, take impressions of the tooth and the ones above or below, and protect your treated tooth with a temporary crown to protect it until the next visit. Once your crown arrives from the dental laboratory, we will call you in to have it fitted.

Once in place and properly cared for, dental crowns will fortify your smile for years. High standards of dental hygiene are important in order to keep bacteria from attacking the tooth beneath the crown’s surface. We will provide you with specific instructions for keeping your new crown in ideal shape for as long as possible.


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